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April 16th, 2004

April 16, 2004

(Rosary at Mary’s Knoll.) Because Pat was still healing from her first hip transplant it would have been a physical risk for her to go into one of the previous intense modes of message reception. First received in private, this message was quietly given visually only to her. It was given in a manner that after the message had originally ended the recipient was allowed to repeat un-interrupted what she experienced and it was then recorded. Of interest, the week before, on Good Friday and prior to starting the evening Rosary of the 16th, both prayer leaders emphasized slow and personal intensity of ones prayers to God and Our Lady. Please pray to the Holy Spirit and discern it’s meaning to you.(Recipient) Tonight as we were praying the rosary, the Blessed Mother presented me with a glass of wine. She asked me to smell the wine and I said it had a strong aroma. She corrected me and said that it was the bouquet and then the taste of the wine was very strong and she said, this was the body of the wine. Then She showed me a large table and around the table were numerous glasses to be filled with wine. I had but one glass, the glass She showed me. I took the glass and I poured a drop or two into each of the glasses that were on the table and She said that the Master of the House requires that the glasses be filled. The only thing there on the table was water. I took the water and I poured it into each glass, filling the glass as She had asked.She told me that now the wine had become diluted. There was no bouquet. It had lost its body. She said this in reference to prayer. When we do not pray with the heart, when we have become side tracked by the anxieties of the world and all the temptations which it holds, our prayer life suffers because we take time to pray only when it is convenient and only in the manner which we choose, not that which is most pleasing to God. When we pray with the heart, a true sincere prayer, we have the body of the wine as well as the fragrant bouquet and this all rises to the Throne of God and becomes a pleasing offering to Him. An offering in which He hears the cries of our hearts and the intensity of our prayers, which are so pleasing that He hears with the heart of a Father, that melts as He answers the prayers of His children.We must remember that at all times when we speak to God, we must speak with the heart and not just words but a heart that rings true and clear. A heart that is filled with an aroma, a bouquet and a full body of taste that pleases our Lord. All these things we can accomplish when we stay focused on God and we relinquish the ways of the world. Temptation is always there, but remember the glass. The glass must be filled as the Master has said. It must be filled with our true contrition ... our true desire to please by serving the Will of the Father. When we relinquish our will and seek only the Will of the Father, the glass becomes filled. The glass is prayer ... a powerful aromatic prayer ...... a prayer of the body (heart) with a taste most pleasing to God.

April 23rd, 2004

April 23rd, 2004

(Note) Attending this particular Friday Rosary were many Hispanics and it became truly bi-lingual. It seems when our Blessed Mother is with us, She expresses Her message in an appropriate way that applies to most everyone’s hearts, minds and ears. The immediate translation of the evening’s message into Spanish was a tearful gift.

“My dear children,

Tonight as I gaze upon the many faces .....the many precious souls gathered in prayer My heart rejoices. For throughout the world there are so many more who do not gather do not pray and therefore my heart weeps for those precious
souls. Here tonight as you pray, pray for those who have lost their faith ... who

have strayed so far from my Son. As my Son looks upon Me, His Mother, ...........
your mother He sees the sorrow in my heart. He sent me into the world to bring .... back His children ……and so many of His children have not only rejected Him but have rejected me as well.


How can I help you if you do not trust ..... if you do not believe? For mercy is being poured out in great abundance. Now is the time to stretch forth your hearts and your hands to receive what God has planed for you. Do you think that I am only present at certain moments of your lives? No my children ..... I hear and I see all the wounds. All the trials that you endure and so faithfully struggle out of love for God, to offer Him all things in thanksgiving. There are many I know, who speak of my messages and say they are incapable of following those messages. They are too difficult ..... or so they say.

My children,

If only you would become childlike in your faith, you would find that my messages are not difficult but in reality are quite simple. How long must I ask you to pray and to pray with your heart? You see the children who come in awe ..... their eyes wide open ....their hearts beating so rapidly .....filled with joy. When they recognize who stands before them they are not intimated. They are filled with such love ..... no fear .....and they come and their little hearts pray simple prayers; yet God is so moved by their prayers. That is how He asks that you pray ..... simply but from your heart and as you do this, you will become accustomed to becoming more and more childlike in your faith. Peace will reign supreme in your life .....for Christ will truly dwell with you. All things will be done with Him and through Him. My dearly beloved children trust in His mercy. Trust the mother who comes to lead you back to the Son.”

(Recipient speaks) “I hear the sound of trumpets intermingled with the sound of chimes (believed to be the voices of angels in prayer). This is a most critical time. A time that we must concentrate on our prayers, not out of fear, but as a child who trusts and out of such trust it becomes a natural instinct to love, to obey and to do God’s will.”

April 30th, 2004

April 30th, 2004

This recorded message is from the recipients guardian angel, Samual. It was given strong and clear.

“My little charge,

It has been some time since we have spoken and the words I wish to reveal to you tonight you may share, for they are meant for all to hear. It is my duty as well as the duty of each and every guardian angel to bring comfort and courage to each of their charges .... and yes I say charges, for God has placed us in a position of charge ..... a position of caring        a position of protection.

You must rely on these great gifts of God. For He has placed within each mouth, upon each tongue and yes tonight, touched your lips that they may reveal the words I wish spoken. You are not to fear, for God himself will reveal what you are to say and to whom you are to say it. You must have courage my children. Courage .....all of you .... to speak truth ..... to speak the word of God to all who will listen. For there are so many who do not know of God and time is of the  essence. You must speak of God and you must humble yourself and in the gentleness of your voice reveal the love that God has for all of His children. Bring them back . Bring them back, for God awaits them. He calls you to be instruments .... instruments that He will use to bring back His children.

You say you cannot speak because you are too fearful are not to fearful. You have only to trust in God. He will place those words upon your lips and sweet

they shall be, as the ears of those who need to hear them shall opened and all will be revealed to them. Listen as the prayers are being said. As almighty God is praised and loved ..... so you too must be instruments of this praise and of this love. Go forth renewed in your spirit ....renewed with the courage that God is with you and He has sent us to always be with you ..... to be beside you .... to strengthen you.”

“What do you see?” (recipient) I see this dry land…brownish earth color …nothing seems to be growing …just barren. What does this mean?” “My little charge many times has your soul been so barren as the barren earth you see? When you have been so dry that you felt that you could not utter a prayer. A prayer to thank God for all things. For thanking Him for the bareness that He will renew it with the freshness of the rain of His graces that He will rain upon you.” “Sometimes it seems so difficult as though nothing will ever be the same”. “Little one ....all things change but the love of God remains constant. His love for you ....for all of His children remains constant.”

 (Tongues) “Oh sweet Lord. You who love us so much and all of us struggle. But yet You bring comfort to us in such ways that how can we express our gratitude. How can we say to You …Lord God my heart is so on fire for love …for the love that you have placed within me …for all the gifts that you have given us? Where shall I find the words? Where do each of us find the words? Perhaps we only need to say … I love You …and that is sufficient. For truly if we love You, we love all our brothers and sisters as well.”