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September 19th, 2008

Message of September 19th, 2008

The following message was received during the Friday night rosary at Mary’s Knoll. During the rosary much emphasis was placed on the trust of Our Lord and one’s belief in His healing power. This recorded message given verbally by Our Lord thru the message recipient confirms the following.

“My people,

I call; I welcome you into this heart that burns with so much love for each of you.

My children, I am always near … always so close to you in the depths of your heart. Do you not feel the presence of your loving Lord? I ask of you my children to pray with great intensity and not to fear the world and what it brings during these troubled times.

I am your peace for I am Your Lord. Come my children, gather about me. Hear my words and know the love that gushes forth from My heart into yours. Allow Me to heal you thru My great love for you. Love heals.

Look at the cross and see my children …. love heals.”

September 12th, 2008

Message of September 12th, 2008

The following message was received after the Friday night Rosary at Mary’s Knoll. Note as spoken in the second sentence in paragraph two: “You need not seek another when you have the gift within yourselves, to touch My heart.” It has been discerned that this is a confirmation and caution that one who comes to the shrine does not excessively focus on the recipient of the messages or any one prayer team member. The message further states “Be confident My children in your prayers ……” Is that not you?

“I am here ……. because He who is pure love has sent me. He sees the needs of all of those gathered here tonight and has taken each one into His heart. He asks them to be strong …. to be strong in their faith, strong in their courage …. but even stronger in their love for Him and for all those in need of His love. He will guide you, if you would ask Him.”

“My dear children,

Why My children do you not understand, that your prayers are so powerful before the Lord, when offered with faith? You need not seek another ….. when you have the gift within yourselves to touch My heart. Be confident My children in your prayers and rejoice with me as a child who rejoices in the approval of his father. When we seek to praise God such wondrous things happen in our lives. The trials and temptations are met by God and His most powerful sense of opposition to all those infirmities of the soul and body. In our weakness, His strength prevails. Align yourselves with God and you shall truly walk with Him, heads held high and hearts humbled. And with a humble heart you will receive many graces.

God has given each of His children a key …. a key which unlocks the chambers of His heart. You need only to approach Him with love. Insert the key that He has given you and as the door of His heart opens, He welcomes you as His precious child …. that He will guard, protect and watch grow in holiness.”

September 26th, 2008

Message of September 26th, 2008

The following message was recorded as received at the Friday night canyon rosary at Mary's Knoll.

“My children,

My Son seeks humility of spirit in each of His children. The humble soul pleases Him and gains its heavenly reward as it goes about this earth quietly doing the will of God.

Allow yourself to be humble, to be humble before all men that you might find great favor with God. These times My little ones require much courage and that courage comes thru your prayers, your humility and your love for God and His children.

Embrace life, embrace life with joy... for what you do not see upon this earth... what is invisible to you now... you will one day see how embracing life today will bring glory to you... but more glory to My Son whom you serve. Do not shy away from the troubles and turmoil’s that confront you, but be meek and humble of Heart for great... shall be your reward.”