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October 10th, 2008

Message of October 10th, 2008

The following messages were received and recorded during the Friday night rosary at Mary’s Knoll. Following the recorded segments an informal personal message was given to a visiting priest.

The message recipient first spoke in soft tongues and then Our Lady spoke;

“My children,

With joy in My heart I an able to draw you close to me … for My heart is linked to that of My Son. The tenderness of His love and mercy cannot be explained to you but only revealed at the appropriate time. I have asked you many times to prepare …. to let your light shine as you saw the light of my heart shine this night. So, too, the light of your heart must shine. You must welcome all of our children with love and forgiveness”.

“Child, do not worry.” (Recipient speaks) “They cannot see Mother … they cannot see”.

(Recipient continues)*It appears as though the sky has become blackened … no stars to light the sky. Then in what appears to be an instant … millions of lights have been turned on … all twinkling so far away … yet so bright … Mother… She reminds us of the power of prayer. She sits peacefully once again upon a chair (rocking chair). I don’t see a needle, but only thread between Her fingers … mending what looks again like a quilt … but, the hour glass we saw long ago is just about empty. We have so little time. Our prayers are so important now. Pray, She says with an even more intense and sorrowful look on Her face … pray! What shall we pray, Mother? “Thread within my hands … be my prayer to aid a soul. May God’s mercy send flight to that soul to heal and restore …. pray!”

(Recipient) “Every star has a thread”. “ She says; this is not an imaginary scene that has been created for you. If you do not understand the power of your prayers … then, My children, you do not want to know what awaits your world! I have called you My warriors. I need you now (your prayers) for each one is united with Mine and goes before My Son. (brief pause) One big spool of thread … gold … each snip of the thread that is cut becomes a prayer that is sent to a soul. Because of our prayers”……… (audible prayer ends at this point).

*For further clarification please reference published message of February 16th, 2001.