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December 17, 2010

Our Blessed Mother’s evening Message of December 17th, 2010

As in previous years our Lady visited us on the hill at Mary’s Knoll and in response to Her request, this annual celebration was again hosted by us on the Friday before Christmas, this year on December 17th.

After the Rosary, in the presence of the four priests who were there to hear Confessions and celebrate the Mass, our Lady appeared to the visionary, who conveyed the Message, at times in ‘tongues’,  and also in clear, though softly spoken, words heard by several of those present in prayer room with the visionary. Part of the Message confirms that those in attendance, and the items which they had brought, were indeed doubly blessed.

The following is taken from transcribed notes and also from the recollection of several of those present, including three of the priests who were present.

My Dear Children,

I come to you tonight to gather each of you beneath My mantle and to console and heal a world so lost without hope. It is Our gift of hope that I wish to instill in you this night.

I am shedding a Mothers tears of sorrow and tears of joy … and  My tears will fall in each garden for each soul … and what this shall mean … will come into place … at another time. My heart is filled with such emotion … the emotion of a mother whose heart too has been opened … and prepared to receive Her children. This is your gift … that your heart may be opened to receive the children who have lost their faith .

Our Lady’s recorded audio message followed: “Thru the heart of My son … that there … they may find consolation … true peace and true joy. It is a time of joy … is it not My children? A time when people are out preparing for trees, ornaments and gifts. And what of My Son? Do not let that joy go un-noticed. Help them to see! Faith opens the door to hope. Hope opens the door to love. Open that door My children … and let He who comes … walk in and dwell with you … that you may have some peace … joy … and hope … He wishes to bring.

I bless you as a mother blesses her children … and all items you have brought this night … as My Son smiles within the womb … of His Mother … …

You are doubly blessed!”

Visionary:  “Sigh ……… all for Jesus … all for Jesus ….”

After hearing the entire evening’s messages the following is a text of the English sermon presented during the evenings Mass.

“I am deeply moved by the depth of love and tenderness which breathes in this Message from our Lady. She truly speaks with a Mother’s heart – a heart opened in love for each of us and all of us – a conduit through which the love of God is pouring into hearts that are open and receptive.

How can we not be moved by Her loving concern – Her tears of sorrow – for those who have turned away from God? When She asks us to open our hearts, especially for those who have turned away from God, wandered away from God, how can we refuse?
Knowing the burden which She carries for sinners and Her desire, Her longing to see every soul united to God through Her Son, how can we remain cold or indifferent to the spiritual illness which has overcome so many souls?

Each of us feels some small measure of the deep sorrow She has expressed when we think of our own loved ones, family members and friends, who have turned away from the Lord and are stumbling in spiritual darkness. In Her words we catch a terrible glimpse of how great is Her sorrow for all of the souls of Her spiritual sons and daughters who have turned away from God!

She speaks, too, of Her tears of joy, as well as sorrow, ‘falling into the garden of each soul’, to water and bring to life the graces which we have all been given. When She speaks of Her tears of joy, it is the joy of a Mother’s heart, seeing a loving and generous response to God’s great love and to Her encouragement and prayers for our response!”

“This Message of love and tenderness should melt the coldness and indifference in any heart that is truly open to God, and it should move us to pray much more fervently and persistently for the conversion of souls!”