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March 19, 1999

March 19, 1999

(Our Lord has a message for us...he is extending the invitation, an R.S. V.P reserve space via penance.) (The following is our Lord, in a gentle but firm voice clearly spoken)

“I invite all of you to walk with me and to share in my passion. Look deep into your hearts. Will you respond to this call? Pray for conversion to my Sacred Heart and that of my Mother. Do not fear my children. Do not fear things in this world. Many things are coming, but I will give you strength to endure them all. This Lent is very important. My children, have confidence and strength in me. I have given you each a cross of Love. I will speak to each heart you will know my

voice. Listen. Accept my way, walk this path. There will be much pain and sorrow, but also much joy. There is a brilliant light. Many are coming to me”. (some sobbing, as though the passion itself were being experienced) "No, No," (As if in much pain and anguish)... “they will endure" (said with a sense of resolve or resignation) "Following the Commandments and walking in my way will lead to paradise.

Endure my children, much will come soon.”