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The homily of the 12-18-2015 OLS Christmas Mass

The homily of the 12-18-2015 OLS Christmas Mass

Our Pastors beautiful Homily spoken during the evenings Mass gives spiritual guidance to the message.  

Thank you for keeping your appointment tonight. Your ‘appointment with God’ … your appointment with Mary.

We speak of Mary’s “coming” to us … because we think in terms of time and space. Because the reality is: that Heaven is not far away, and it is not so much that She comes to us from somewhere far away, but rather, at times, our faith, our hope, our love clear our vision enough … that we can hear and see what is there always.

I would like to share with you a little of what was heard …what was spoken in love … what was spoken as a gift, and what we are told again and again. It is the message of God’s love for each of us …. God’s love for all of us. That message … the Good News … is the same always. The word “reassure” was Heard several times. We should be reassured of God’s love for us. We should be reassured of Mary’s praying for us. What we heard was a beautiful message for “pilgrims” … that we are pilgrims, pilgrims together, and that we walk together on a path illumined by Mary … a path of forgiveness and love … a path of mercy.

Do not be discouraged, thinking your prayers are not heard. Your prayers are heard … your sorrows are felt… your joys are experienced. Do not be discouraged. We are each of us, each one of us, called to this path … to this pilgrimage. This pilgrimage is short. We are called to this pilgrimage … to this path … which She illuminates. The path of faith and trust in God. She speaks of her Fiat, her “Yes” to God … Her “Yes” to God in the Annunciation … Her “Yes” to God beneath the Cross … Her “Yes” to God for us. Mary says “Yes”.                    

God is calling you. Do not close your hearts … open your ears. God is calling you.

She spoke of, ‘taking our hearts (if we will permit) … each of our hearts … and placing them on the altar tonight’ … ‘if you will permit … I will place your heart on the altar tonight’.

The visionary “saw” at the end of the message … the heavens lighted up and Our Lady welcoming … beckoning … inviting. What the visionary saw was an enormous ‘stream of people’ … pilgrims going up into the light. She saw each of us there … among those pilgrims responding to God’s call. The path she saw, she described as lighted with the stars. The stars lining the path and God’s people hearing and responding to the song of heaven … the call of heaven. Each going through the mantle of Mary, not afraid, but filled with joy.

God is calling you and me … through Mary. And what we are told again, what we experience now, tonight, and in our lives as pilgrims together is the love of the Father, the love the Son, the love of the Mother. We are loved. We are called in mercy. There is much more to the message, which will the transcribed and printed, but these are some words that I thought important to share with you tonight. Because you have come in faith and in trust, to keep an ‘appointment with God’.

Finally, may I share a personal thought that came to me tonight? How reassured we must be, to have Our Mother praying for us. What an assurance everyone here can have: that She prays for us! She prays for us! Do you remember the Wedding Feast at Cana in Galilee? Do you remember that She said to JESUS, Her Son, that “they have no wine”? Do you remember that? And do you remember what JESUS did? He gave the gift of the wine in abundance, because His Mother said to Him, “They have no wine”.

Now She says to Him … “They have no faith!” … She says to Him … “They are out of hope!” … She says to Him … “They have no love! Yes, our Mother is praying for us!


Our Lady of the Sierras - Christmas Message of 12-18-2015

Our Lady of the Sierras - Christmas Message of 12-18-2015

Our Lady of the Sierras - Christmas Message of 12-18-2015

(Commentary) Again this year we had the participating attendance of six Priests, eight Deacons and close to 500 visitors. Our Lady again appeared to the Visionary, Pat. In this year’s message Our Lady indicated more personally to those who she called pilgrims and their journey forth along the path God asked Our Lady to illuminate. Also in the prayer room were five priests and the following message was given and recorded:


“My dear children,    
During these times of My visitation … I come to reassure you of God’s love and mercy. He has allowed Me, your Mother to relay these messages of His love …that you may grow deeper into your understanding of love of God and love for others. The world you live in I need not mention … but you My children are pilgrims … who journey forth along the path … that God has allowed Me to illuminate. You are all called … each and every one of you is called. The problem is My children … not all listen.  As God prompts your heart tonight … open your heart and your ears … to hear the love of the Father … the love of the Son … the love of a Mother.”

(Apparent pause – faint tongues)

“Many times I know you pray and you feel as though your prayers are not heard. I tell you this night, I weep at your sorrows and pains and I rejoice in those moments of happiness. Do not become discouraged … but focus upon the Cross … for My son died for your sins … the sins of the world. In My Fiat to God … I said yes … and brought the Savior of the world to you. In My Fiat … as I knelt beneath His cross … I gave My Fiat to Him as His Mother … and your Mother. Tonight I wish you to remember … that this pilgrimage lasts but a short while. Allow your Mother to lead you … for look children … the path is well lit for you who can see the love of God. Come, come now … let us be about the journey … the journey of love … the journey of mercy … the journey of forgiveness. I tell you tonight … if you so permit … I will gather each heart. Fill each heart with all that you wish to present to God … and I will place them on this altar this night … and they will become a sweetened gift to God.”

(Pat speaks):

The sky becomes the screen of stars … and it is as though a curtain is pulled back and a bright, bright light shines forth. In a frame of stars stands our Mother. She is in white and blue with a sash (cord) around her waist … Her eyes appear barely open ... yet very inviting. It appears as though a path or stairway… perhaps a ladder has formed. The stars light the path … which enables the pilgrims to go forth as Our Lady beckons them … ever so gently… and ever so reassuringly. There is no doubt now… they come. The lights which brighten this area upon which they walk … are stars but in a strange shape … similar to a half moon … I think they are shells. They provide a brilliant light … for each one that comes. I see a long line of all of these pilgrims … the journey is not easy … but yet it is lit and they have confidence … because Our Mother calls. They walk slowly … but they continue onward. As they get closer to Our Mother … it would seem as though they hear something. I would think they hear that song … of Divine Love of which She speaks … and they seem to vanish beneath Her mantle. As they vanish … others come and the same thing happens … they vanish beneath the Mantle of Our Lady. There is no fear... there is joy … there is hope. It is their time … the song and then they go. They go as they are called … I cannot hear names … but I know that God is calling them. Somewhere in that line of pilgrims … each of us has found a place.

The evening touching Mass Homily follows on page two.