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January 5, 2001

January 5, 2001 (Blessed Mother) "My little children,

Seek Him Who is truth. Run eagerly after the Heart of Hearts that burns continuously with love for each of His children. As you prepare to remove the decorative ornaments of the season -- the trees -- the lights -- flowers and, yes, My children, even the manager scene placed in a most prominent place occasionally caught by the eye and felt by the heart. So too these memories of this Christmas shall pass as shadows  as have the memories of the many Christmases long since passed.

I am here to remind you that God¹s great gift of salvation is not seasonal, My children, nor can it be purchased with great wealth. It is a gift received (freely) only by a pure and humble heart which seeks the face of God . Obedience to His will and the acceptance of His mercy (the precious blood of Jesus).

Let the peace of My Son fill your hearts with strength and joy as you call upon

His most holy name."----------- ( long pause ---------  Voice now believed to the that of
an Angel).
"It is most important that holy water be placed in this room --- a crucifix be placed in this daughter’s hand and each who guard her test the spirit. For this is a time of great deception and all must be protected."

(Blessed Mother) "The shadows, My children, are also the souls who seek your prayers. Speak My child, what do you see?"

(Visual-Pat) “ They have no forms or faces ---- just grayish images and they're crying out to us. Help us --- pray for us. And I see some as we pray--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- light ---
the lights --- they are transformed into a light of sorts --- not brilliant as when our Blessed Mother comes, but they've changed in appearance and I understand that they've been released and God is calling them into His Kingdom. They rise with
such joy. They hear the sounds ---- voices ---- yet, not voices ----------- it’s sobeautiful. Each one is greeted by a choir ---------  so beautiful --- and the joy. The joy
shines so brilliant. We must pray for these souls for I am told our time shall come and we shall be dependent upon the prayers of these souls for whom we have prayed for many (here) will forget us as our time approaches, but God has made provisions and the Holy Souls shall pray for us."

January 12, 2001

January 12, 2001

(Personal message after a somewhat unsettling day)

"My little daughter with the wounded heart ---- you who care so much for the smallest of God's creatures ---- do you not realize this is the heart which God uses to gather souls? When you offered to Him everything -- did you not think there would be some pain -- some sorrow or only your joys? Little heart, you know better. Realize this day - - through its gentle sorrows to your heart --- has brought a soul a great gift. Teach others to realize that the smallest offerings in life when joined with the Passion of My Son bring to His heart a tender awakening and He reaches out for those souls who have neglected Him ---- who have lost their faith and thus have turned away from God. It is in all suffering --- no matter how great or how small that God greatly rejoices and accepts all such gifts for His plan of salvation.”

“My dear children,

I have called you to be warriors through the strength of God’s graces -- yet only by accepting the afflictions of a heart pierced with love --- an indescribable love for souls ---- will you be able to only slightly realize the intensity of the desire ---- that hunger within Almighty God for all souls. Pray that you might understand

My messages regarding these souls and the responsibility which you share not only for the souls here at this very moment --- but those who have gone before to be purified in the fire of God’s love.

Pray, My children, listen ---- open your hearts and listen for truly God speaks to each heart. You have only to listen with much faith. You are His children --- the children He calls by name. Listen --- listen for there is much that He wishes from each of you for each brings their own gifts. God desires you heart. Listen -- hear Him --- hear Him --- have much faith. Little ones, if you truly wish to please your God in true service to Him - ask only that you be allowed to do His Holy Will. Ask nothing for yourself except that which pleases God.”

January 26, 2001

January 26, 2001

("Thank you for this gift this night, My Lord and My God") “My dear children,

Praise be Jesus who has allowed Me to be with you these many years-------- Who
has allowed Me to come to Our oasis of souls. Daughter ---- look now but do not repeat ---- (Private visual followed which seemed like a long period of time; however, it lasted approximately 30 seconds of our time). My child ---- God is so merciful that with many prayers what you have seen may be mitigated.”

“ Oh little children,

You are being refined and fine-tuned as precious instruments sent into the Harvest. Yet, My heart is heavy this night for I must tell you as a Mother gently tries to persuade her children ---- to steer them on the proper path. O fragile humanity ---- stubborn and impatient. You hold onto the world with one hand

and the other you reach out for God. God did not hold back----------- He gave all and
He requires all from you! It is time ---- it is beyond time to make choices in your

lives -------- to rebuild broken relationships-------- to reach out to those whom you
have wounded with your words or with your actions. Precious little children, hear the pain in your Mother. I weep for those bound to the world with self-love, but --

- I rejoice in the abundant mercy of God for all of His children!”

(Visual: Pat) (Now?) “It is very bright --- almost too bright to look at ---- there are two very large angels (I think) and in front of them they hold a torch --- no, a stand with seven torches on each stand. It¹s like a curtain that¹s being opened --- a veil ---- There is a lamb -- a lamb on the altar --- more beautiful than I can describe. Then there’s our Mother --- hands folded on Her chest -- head bowed in

great reverence. The altar seems suspended and in the back --- almost around the altar --- four, five, six (I appear to be counting) --- 12 chairs --- 12 more -- kind of like thrones and there are men (I believe) sitting on these thrones praising God ---- praising the Lamb. Beneath the altar flows a river --- a river of red. It passes beneath the angels holding the torches. It seems to be suspended in air -- but beneath -- there are all the children -- reaching up to God. This river -- like red rubies glistening so brightly --- slowly falling on all of the precious children. I believe they are martyred. (There is no response to my questions) I can only assume perhaps they are being cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. (No need to fear, Our Lord is with us).(After visual was over further clarification was given) "We shall see greater disasters than these and there will be no holding back the hand of Her Son. She calls us to pray -- to pray and to pray. Even though there is a warning there is never a sense of anxiety or fear. There is just a tremendous love and tremendous sense of sorrow because there are only a handful of warriors fighting a battle against many, but that will be sufficient if we persevere and be true to our Lord."

January 19, 2001

January 19, 2001

”My precious children,

Am I not the Mother that has loved you --- that has nurtured you with the milk of truth and forgiveness? Yes, My children, I am here and I wish for you to listen  carefully and discern for what shall be told to you is of great importance.”(Pat) “Yes, I see------- but, it’s so dark I can barely ---- (unfinished) She comes inthe brilliance of the lights ---very large --------  very beautiful. I can’t see what’s inHer hand. A ball? No, a globe------- a globe of the world. She’s holding it securely
in Her hand and it’s turning very slowly. Such a sense of peace. There is a large
figure of a man ---- brilliant ---- and He’s calling Her and She fades ---- and the
ball --- this globe begins to spin. There is nothing to control it ---- spinning--------
She’s back. In Her hand again She holds the globe but She also holds a key. This key is to unlock our hearts that we will allow Christ to fully reign in our hearts. I understand it is some type of warning of things that must come but great peace will be with us the peace of Jesus to see us through this great storm that approaches. She says to be at peace and to fear not for after the storm comes a new dawn from which will blossom the peace of Jesus.”

”My little children,

I have allowed you to see this night so that your soul will be refreshed as the Holy Spirit comes to permeate each heart with the Light of Divine Love. This light ---- -- the rays are arrows now mounted into the bows of the angels who stand in

your midst. If you really mean it, open your heart-------- they shall then send these
arrows deeply within to fuse the fire of Divine Love that shall strengthen you.

Oh, little children,------------- so much love------- so much love We have for you. Yet,
the world still tugs on the strings of your heart in such subtle ways. You truly do not understand how many neglect My Son ---- how many are indifferent to this

great grace He has bestowed on His children. They have turned away ---- for The Way of the Cross                the way of penance and sacrifice does not appeal to their
taste. Without your devout prayers, oh little ones, so many will lose their way. Pray now with your Mother as I intercede for you before My Son. Offer your prayers now filled with life defining love that these precious little souls will not be lost.

I cover you with My Mantle and those that have consecrated** their hearts to My Immaculate Heart -- I gather and tuck within this Heart that is eternally united with Jesus.”

(* In discerning, perhaps the spinning globe designates the approaching storm).(** As She was saying this, the prayer group (in the other room) was praying the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary).

January 28, 2001

January 28, 2001

“Children of My Mercy,

Do not fear the approach of difficult times nor the seemingly insurmountable obstacles which shall befall you. Be of great faith --- free of despair. This is My holy mountain ---- a beacon ---- a lighthouse in the desert ---- a desert of souls. Come to Me in faith and complete trust for though the darkness shall come. My Divine Light shall erupt as a volcano of hope touching each soul who clings to the promise of My Mercy. Mercy, My children, is your hope of hopes. Trust Me as I thirst for all souls, the lost -- forgotten --- the abandoned       all souls.

You are My little faith filled instruments which I send out into the ocean of souls. Drop your nets and love and encourage each soul by your actions of obedience, faith and love in My Mercy. This is your time, My children, to follow Me. Do not detour because of difficulty of understanding for to fully understand is not your gift  your gift is that of faith       faith in what you do not see but

believe. Trust Me---------- love Me. I hold you in the palm of My hand.

Rest is My peace.”