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August 8th, 2003

August 8th, 2003

 “My Dear Children,

It pleases Me greatly to see so many gathered together in ardent prayer. I wish this night to take you on a further journey of prayer. Prayer in which you will learn to persevere … prayer in which you will learn to see the face of Jesus. My Son walked the beautiful path in Nazareth. His holy feet running in the dust playfully. His little toes wiggling in the grass. Then His feet journeyed to Gethsemane. His holy feet …. Yes, My Children … His holy feet that began in the dust walked to Gethsemane …. journeyed to Jerusalem and then these holy feet muddied and bruised were nailed to the cross. But this was not the end for these feet nor the end of their journey, but it was the beginning. For these feet …. the feet of My Son, journey with each and every one of you in your daily lives. Did you notice the smile on the face of the child you passed today? Did you notice the old, the worn faces as they searched through dumpsters and  barrels of garbage searching for a meal? Did you look at the eyes of pain the eyes of years of torment and struggle?”

“My Children,

Many times you walk with Jesus … but your eyes have not been opened. For you must learn to see with your heart … to love, as Jesus would have you love. Pray with conviction My Children and when you pray with conviction …. when you say to the mountain ….. be moved ….the mountain will be moved. But who moves the mountain? The one in whom you place your faith.

Recognize the mountains He moves each day of your lives. Each trial …. each moment you hold back an angry word ….an impure thought ….. you turn your back on temptation. Those are mountains, My Children. Do you not recognize them? They are mountains …. and yet through the love of Christ … that they have moved. For you have sought His help … you have believed…you have prayed. For only through prayer and obedience to His words are the mountains of your lives moved. Watch My Children and pray intensely and you will see ever so slightly … each mountain shall move. Beloved ones, I am filled with joy that you have gathered … .but remember, when you gather in prayer your hearts must be one with Jesus … .expect an encounter with love.  No more …… for there is no greater encounter than the encounter with love himself.”

(Visual by recipient)Mother, a small child by a pond. He has no features but the back of a little boy. He has a line in his hand, a string, not even a pole, just a string tied to his little finger … and it has been tossed into the water and he is just a little boy waiting with great expectation for something so wonderful to happen. And the string makes a sudden movement …… and that’s not a fish! Fishing for souls …… it must be Jesus, string in hand not letting go. Patiently waiting for each of His children as He draws the string closer to His heart. He draws each of our souls as well. The light shines so beautifully on the water, it must be sunset … maybe it’s the sunset of our lives. How wonderful to know that He never let’s go. I know He never let’s go. He tied a string to each of our fingers”

August 15th, 2003

August 15th, 2003

The Feast of the Assumption

(The following message was received during the Friday night Canyon Rosary. It was a beautiful night of prayer. We had an overflow group with an Italian priest and two deacons in attendance. This being the Feast of the Assumption, during the afternoon Mass, Padre Bruno Martinelli Pazzaglia gave a beautiful sermon expressing how after Our Mothers death She was assumed into heaven. In the last paragraph of the evening message we were given the gift of hearing Our Mother confirm events of how She was lifted into heaven.)

(Extensive Tongues)  Sweet Mother of God.”

“My Precious Children,

What joy it brings to Your Mother when a soul recognizes the tremendous gift of relinquishing its self will …..and chooses instead to grasp and cling tightly to The Divine Will of My Son. For this is true joy. In abandonment, you have not lost, My Children. On the contrary ……you have gained tremendous wealth. For the things of this world no longer hold importance …..and only those …..those that focus on Jesus see the treasure that lays hidden beyond the realm of glory. Would you My Children give your Fiat this night ….. an  abandonment of self ……for the glory of My Son and the salvation of souls? Would you lose yourself so that others might be found? The blind wish to see ….the lame wish their limbs to be restored …. the hungry seek food. But My Children …..has God failed you in His promises?  I ask you to persevere with only love …..with love you find the humble heart . The heart  that searches for My Son …searches for the light .…. the true light that illuminates the path to holiness.” (Tongues)

“Come My Children and see as My Child sees all the angels that lifted me gently through the air ……petals of flowers dropping slowly to the earth. Do you see ….can you smell the aroma of a such a joyous time? All heaven rejoices as I ask you, My Children ….. to rejoice in the love of My Son.”

A second intense private sequence followed.


August 29th, 2003

August 29th, 2003

 (Recipient) “ My Dear Mother . I renew my commitment to Your Beloved Son, My Lord Jesus Christ ……that these words penetrate the hearts of all who hear them. Touch my lips sweet Mother that all will be purified.”

“My Children,

Speak tenderly to all who seek Gods love and they will see through your nothingness the working of The Holy Spirit. Be humble My Children . Do not seek to avoid humiliation …. but rather rejoice in silent gratitude for the grace the Lord has allowed you to offer Him this gift, which pleases His most merciful heart.” 

(Tongues) “Yes, these times are most difficult. But My Children, you are not asked to do the impossible …you are asked to do the possible with much love for Jesus. In all things you may find a gift to offer My Son ……to appease the wrath that now rages within His Heart. A wrath inflicted by those who ignore and turn their back on Him. He is your only recourse My Children. This must be expressed and accepted by His Children. Love, pure love, must prevail if your world is to survive. We have spoken ….yes …and spoken often of many things …but only through love and continuous prayer will the results come about which will help mitigate the Chastisement that will come.

Dear ones,

 Do not fear when your hope is in the Lord. For He is your protector …..your Savior …your Redeemer. Trust in His mercy ….submit yourselves to His Holy Will and your heart will find joy and peace in service to others.”

(Recipient)  Yes Mother, if I could but see what it is that lies ahead perhaps I could be more prepared. But I know not what Thou would truly have me do. It is only by walking with You day by day that I receive your strength ……know of Your love and share that love. But I am nothing … and in being nothing how can I harm anything or anyone? Shall we seek to be nothing … nothing but children hidden behind the mantle of a Mother who loves us so much? A Mother that leads us to Her Son. Keep us close to You Dear Mother that we will not offend. We will not harm ……we will only love.

 (Tongues) Each tear we share, or rather shed out of love for Her Son, in remorse for our sins, brings Him much joy, for a contrite heart pleases Him most greatly.”

August 22nd, 2003

August  22nd, 2003


(Tongues) Our Lady then extensively spoke. Only the following highlights were recorded from notes.

“My Children,

In time of selflessness think of Charity towards others.

So many of our children say we will pick up our cross and follow You [meaning Jesus] . Yet when they pick up their cross …..they carry it only for a short while. My children you must learn to love and embrace the cross. Joy and sorrow are melted together in a large pot continually stirred by the hand of Divine love.  Rejoice for there are chosen souls among you.”

(Recipient)  The pot of which Our Lady speaks is a form of purification. This (the Hand of Divine Love) stirs them with His love and through this loving purification allows the soul to see how much it is loved. We are not to fear to carry the cross, which is given to us!  (Recipient) Upon further prayerful discernment, it was felt Our Lady knew exactly how the evening would progress and how each of us would react without having the actual audio recorder to rely upon. It is interesting how in the midst of what may have seemed at the time to be utter chaos such beautiful participation from the attendees blossomed into a spontaneous opening up of “hearts”. The portions of the message, which were written down, seemed to apply to so many and they felt the spirituality of the evening. In reflecting upon Our Lord and the Cross, one realizes that the two are inseparable. Someone mentioned that the melting pot of joy and sorrow in essence seemed a contradiction; however the sorrow of our sins of the Cross carried by Jesus eventually turned into joy (the joy of His Resurrection and the hope for our salvation through His precious blood). Perhaps this will help us to understand to a greater degree the Mercy of Our Lord through the suffering of the Cross. A cross which each of us must carry in one form or another. When you feel your cross is too great to carry, remember the Master and the Cross He bore out of Love for all mankind. God bless you!

August 1st, 2003

August 1st, 2003

(Recipient) “Oh sweet Holy Mother. For She who comes so faithfully to speak with us, to guide us and to help us. Forgive my frailty. Help me sweet mother to hear your words as you speak them this night.”

“Tonight I call you ……the lambs of His field. Which one amongst you has not gone searching ……..leaving behind those gathered together in safety and searched out the one who has lost his way? You go through many trials …… many times of great despair and disappointment. But still you do not give up …  because you know that it is Jesus Himself who left the flock in search of you at some point in your lives. You are now given that responsibility ….for Christ dwells within you. And He sends you into the fields and into the rocky hills and mountains to find that lost sheep ……that child that has gone astray …..that person who has caused you so much pain ….whether it be in your daily life, in your job, in whatever circumstance you may have found yourself. This is a sheep which now comes into the fold and is called by My Son. Each must do the task assigned to him or her whether in good health or in poor ….whether in joy or in sorrow. For through your faith you know that there is hope and in hoping there is love ….love eternal.

My Children,

Many times I have spoken of trials and difficulties in life. And you have accepted My words not knowing fully what those words meant or how they would come about. But a heart that falls in love with Jesus recognizes those obstacles placed before them and does not flee, does not run ….does not hide. But boldly steps forward and reaches out the hand …..the hand of Christ to draw that soul …that sheep …. back into the fold of Christ. Believe My Children, for I have been here many times …. spoken many words. But the word I leave you with is love ….and with love will come the patience to persevere. Always persevere My Children for such love awaits you … a love beyond your imagination. Believe … … but love in spite of all obstacles. Love and you shall reach the reward that God has waiting for each of His beloved children. Rest now for many are tired ….many are fatigued from the journeys of life ….the trials and tribulations. But rest in the peace of Christ.”

(Recipient) There was an inaudible pause in Our Lady’s message which appeared to have been concluded. However, She then left us with the following sentence to contemplate as She more frequently now interjects a word or phrase which allows us to ask ourselves how does this apply in my life?

“You have to have but the intention to save the soul. God recognizes the effort and love with which you strive for souls for His kingdom.”