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October 9, 1997 (Mary)

My daughter,

I desire this be a place of comfort and compassion for all my children who will come seeking peace of mind, heart and soul. Those of great faith will come as well as my little ones whose physical need to see has out weighed their spiritual sense to feel (Our presence).

The Harvest has begun, my daughter ---- pray for the grace to help gather these lost souls for whom I weep. Each is a priceless gift which I wish to bring to the throne of My Son. Pray as you are sent into the fields bathed in Christ's love and clothed with humility. You are our little beacon of light. Shine brightly as many who are in darkness will witness the light of God's love through His faithful ones. Take courage for the angels too, are here to do our bidding. Always seek their

assistance as they await your instructions. Do not be afraid, but take that leap of faith for by the power of My Son, you will accomplish much. Do not be anxious, but rest in the calm assurance of our love as we will never leave you nor forsake you. Peace, My daughter ---- you are never alone!

Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine