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January 12, 2001

(Personal message after a somewhat unsettling day)

"My little daughter with the wounded heart ---- you who care so much for the smallest of God's creatures ---- do you not realize this is the heart which God uses to gather souls? When you offered to Him everything -- did you not think there would be some pain -- some sorrow or only your joys? Little heart, you know better. Realize this day - - through its gentle sorrows to your heart --- has brought a soul a great gift. Teach others to realize that the smallest offerings in life when joined with the Passion of My Son bring to His heart a tender awakening and He reaches out for those souls who have neglected Him ---- who have lost their faith and thus have turned away from God. It is in all suffering --- no matter how great or how small that God greatly rejoices and accepts all such gifts for His plan of salvation.”

“My dear children,

I have called you to be warriors through the strength of God’s graces -- yet only by accepting the afflictions of a heart pierced with love --- an indescribable love for souls ---- will you be able to only slightly realize the intensity of the desire ---- that hunger within Almighty God for all souls. Pray that you might understand

My messages regarding these souls and the responsibility which you share not only for the souls here at this very moment --- but those who have gone before to be purified in the fire of God’s love.

Pray, My children, listen ---- open your hearts and listen for truly God speaks to each heart. You have only to listen with much faith. You are His children --- the children He calls by name. Listen --- listen for there is much that He wishes from each of you for each brings their own gifts. God desires you heart. Listen -- hear Him --- hear Him --- have much faith. Little ones, if you truly wish to please your God in true service to Him - ask only that you be allowed to do His Holy Will. Ask nothing for yourself except that which pleases God.”

Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine