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January 19, 2001

”My precious children,

Am I not the Mother that has loved you --- that has nurtured you with the milk of truth and forgiveness? Yes, My children, I am here and I wish for you to listen  carefully and discern for what shall be told to you is of great importance.”(Pat) “Yes, I see------- but, it’s so dark I can barely ---- (unfinished) She comes inthe brilliance of the lights ---very large --------  very beautiful. I can’t see what’s inHer hand. A ball? No, a globe------- a globe of the world. She’s holding it securely
in Her hand and it’s turning very slowly. Such a sense of peace. There is a large
figure of a man ---- brilliant ---- and He’s calling Her and She fades ---- and the
ball --- this globe begins to spin. There is nothing to control it ---- spinning--------
She’s back. In Her hand again She holds the globe but She also holds a key. This key is to unlock our hearts that we will allow Christ to fully reign in our hearts. I understand it is some type of warning of things that must come but great peace will be with us the peace of Jesus to see us through this great storm that approaches. She says to be at peace and to fear not for after the storm comes a new dawn from which will blossom the peace of Jesus.”

”My little children,

I have allowed you to see this night so that your soul will be refreshed as the Holy Spirit comes to permeate each heart with the Light of Divine Love. This light ---- -- the rays are arrows now mounted into the bows of the angels who stand in

your midst. If you really mean it, open your heart-------- they shall then send these
arrows deeply within to fuse the fire of Divine Love that shall strengthen you.

Oh, little children,------------- so much love------- so much love We have for you. Yet,
the world still tugs on the strings of your heart in such subtle ways. You truly do not understand how many neglect My Son ---- how many are indifferent to this

great grace He has bestowed on His children. They have turned away ---- for The Way of the Cross                the way of penance and sacrifice does not appeal to their
taste. Without your devout prayers, oh little ones, so many will lose their way. Pray now with your Mother as I intercede for you before My Son. Offer your prayers now filled with life defining love that these precious little souls will not be lost.

I cover you with My Mantle and those that have consecrated** their hearts to My Immaculate Heart -- I gather and tuck within this Heart that is eternally united with Jesus.”

(* In discerning, perhaps the spinning globe designates the approaching storm).(** As She was saying this, the prayer group (in the other room) was praying the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary).
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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine