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December 06, 2002

“My Beloved Children,

You faithfully gather in this holy home bringing with you these nights all that your week has entailed              those moments of joy         great happiness and yet
those moments too where anxiety, fear, and uncertainly have crept into your lives. This is a time of great joy and great joy it shall be. For you prepare for the season of hope ..... the season of joy .... the birth of the Savior. Children, and yes, you

are still children............ come as you always do ........ carrying your burdens,
carrying your joys. For all things are used for the greater glory of God.

For you are here. Does that not tell you .......  you have made the effort, you have

heard the voice of God calling you. Come, be refreshed .............  find that moment of
peace to sustain you through the days ahead. So many things will be placed upon
your path. But you my children are being prepared moment by moment to

comprehend  …. to discern what is of God and what the evil one wishes to placethere ….. to distract you and disrupt your peace. But, My Children, he cannot

disrupt peace…… for peace is truth. God is truth. His word is truth and when
you claim his word, you claim truth and the falseness of the enemy disappears into
the depths of nothingness. For you are claimed as precious ones with a mighty

mission …… a mighty mission of love and forgiveness.” “My Children,  

I have called each of you to a ministry of love............. a ministry which God has
precisely chosen for each of you in preparation for this ministry. For this great
calling of God. There is a preparation, a basin so to speak. When one would toil the fields and work in their homes and their offices they come home to refresh

their bodies ..... to wipe away all the dust and the grime............ to refresh and so too.......... must you as you prepare these ministries. Wash in the precious blood of

Jesus. The door is open. It is filled with refreshment............ with consolation and
with peace and forgiveness. All you must do is enter ...for Jesus awaits you. Jesus awaits to refresh and purify and cleanse you that you may be worthy vessels prepared for the mission each has been assigned. Do not neglect coming to him in such a way. For here your body, mind and soul is refreshed strengthened and filled with the peace of Almighty God. You leave armed with the love of Jesus. You leave armed with His promise of forgiveness. Now you are ready ... now you are ready to love and forgive. For the task awaits you... .a difficult task. But one for which you will be prepared, molded, reshaped and formed into that perfect specimen which God has called you to be. You are his faithful warriors. Rejoice

now............ leave the pain the sufferings and the trials of these past few days..........
the weakness … the temptations… for God calls. You have your choice . Do you say yes …. or do you reject His voice when He peaks your name?”

Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine