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December 24th, 2004

This Christmas message was given through the recipient and recorded during the Friday night Rosary. In attendance was an overflow group of many nationalities. The dimly lit prayer room had been especially prepared with decorations, candles and a small nativity scene placed inside the fireplace. Again the evening was one of special joy in anticipation of the blessing of our special items. In this night’s message, Our Blessed Mother confirms the mortality of our lives upon this earth and asks us to start preparing to pass on to our successors, the future keys to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Sierras. We ask you to pray to the Holy Spirit and discern as you read the following.

(Tongues) “My most beloved children,

How My heart is filled with such joy this night as so many gather to honor My Son. Oh sweet children ..... I see the hearts of so many opening up to Jesus. The Holy Spirit is pouring fourth such love ... such tenderness ...such understanding.

Listen My Children .....for there is one other thing I wish you to know. This shall become a custom ... a tradition. Long after you have been called from this earth I shall continue to bless those gifts that are left for me. I shall continue to come the Friday before Christmas. But you must pass down to your children and the youth that follows that this is indeed a special night. Not because of My blessing dear children ........................ but because of the pending birth of The Redeemer of the World.

Do not forget your spiritual gifts ....for they must be presented to Him on Christmas morning. I have repeated these words to you ..... so that you will know when you are called home .....there will be those still here to continue this tradition. This is what My Son wishes you to know this night. His Heart too is filled with joy.

My dear children if you could only see the multitude of angels that surround you. For I blessed you .....each and every one of you with the love of a mother.

Rejoice now............. for Christ soon comes to dwell amongst you.”(Note) Our Mother followed with a confirmation. There will be two healings tonight, one spiritual and one physical.
Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine