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February 21st , 2003

(The following message was transcribed by a member of the prayer team during the Friday Night Canyon Rosary at Mary’s Knoll as the audio recorder failed to function. Therefore, we have eliminated quotation marks indicating the transcription is as accurate as possible concerning recording circumstances of the message. There were many events during this particular message that lends towards its authenticity.)Visual: The large book ...with dots upon the pages ...and large pens are being taken. Almost as though being placed in invisible hands. Each pen begins to connect the dots a children’s book connect and make a picture. There’s a multitude of them. It’s like a high book (hundreds of feet high) a binder. That each page is carefully removed and the pen connects one dot to another until all the dots are connected and now makes ... (visual pause) .........There are faces! The pen has connected the dots and formed the faces of all the souls. Please help me, Mother, I don’t understand the meaning.

My Dear Children. The pen is the hand of God. The ink .....the grace He places upon each precious soul. The dots which have been connected are all the trials and tribulations which each soul has endured                held together by their faith an
trust in God in His love and mercy.

(Recipient) He signs each page like a golden gossamer (glistening web)……
difficult to describe ……a signature visible…yet lights  penetrate each page. Each soul is gathered and very carefully            tenderly, placed into the “Book of Life.

Blessed are you My children, who have found courage to endure the trials and obstacles placed in your path. Blessed are you whose faith remains strong .................................................................................................................
allowing God’s grace to sustain you  with courage and His love. Each little dot, my children, has been placed by God to allow your souls to be formed into the blessed child, which He created. Rejoice!
for God allows you to see that
you are His beloved child.

(Recipient) The book lies on an altar. No, it’s on a stand ... (I’d call it like a lectern stand at Church)  It’s placed there next to God and He glances at this, His creation.And as He has created you … and drawn the dots of grace to form you into His

child, you must be strong and loving......... for God asks of you in this time when
storm clouds gather, to let the lights of the precious dots glimmer ....that others, too, may find the courage to trust in the hand of Almighty God.”

Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine