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April 30th, 2004

This recorded message is from the recipients guardian angel, Samual. It was given strong and clear.

“My little charge,

It has been some time since we have spoken and the words I wish to reveal to you tonight you may share, for they are meant for all to hear. It is my duty as well as the duty of each and every guardian angel to bring comfort and courage to each of their charges .... and yes I say charges, for God has placed us in a position of charge ..... a position of caring        a position of protection.

You must rely on these great gifts of God. For He has placed within each mouth, upon each tongue and yes tonight, touched your lips that they may reveal the words I wish spoken. You are not to fear, for God himself will reveal what you are to say and to whom you are to say it. You must have courage my children. Courage .....all of you .... to speak truth ..... to speak the word of God to all who will listen. For there are so many who do not know of God and time is of the  essence. You must speak of God and you must humble yourself and in the gentleness of your voice reveal the love that God has for all of His children. Bring them back . Bring them back, for God awaits them. He calls you to be instruments .... instruments that He will use to bring back His children.

You say you cannot speak because you are too fearful are not to fearful. You have only to trust in God. He will place those words upon your lips and sweet

they shall be, as the ears of those who need to hear them shall opened and all will be revealed to them. Listen as the prayers are being said. As almighty God is praised and loved ..... so you too must be instruments of this praise and of this love. Go forth renewed in your spirit ....renewed with the courage that God is with you and He has sent us to always be with you ..... to be beside you .... to strengthen you.”

“What do you see?” (recipient) I see this dry land…brownish earth color …nothing seems to be growing …just barren. What does this mean?” “My little charge many times has your soul been so barren as the barren earth you see? When you have been so dry that you felt that you could not utter a prayer. A prayer to thank God for all things. For thanking Him for the bareness that He will renew it with the freshness of the rain of His graces that He will rain upon you.” “Sometimes it seems so difficult as though nothing will ever be the same”. “Little one ....all things change but the love of God remains constant. His love for you ....for all of His children remains constant.”

 (Tongues) “Oh sweet Lord. You who love us so much and all of us struggle. But yet You bring comfort to us in such ways that how can we express our gratitude. How can we say to You …Lord God my heart is so on fire for love …for the love that you have placed within me …for all the gifts that you have given us? Where shall I find the words? Where do each of us find the words? Perhaps we only need to say … I love You …and that is sufficient. For truly if we love You, we love all our brothers and sisters as well.”
Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine